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What is InfoTek Blu Device?
InfoTek Blu is a bluetooth device that can push out digital adverts to customers' phone who are within 600 feet or 200 meters proximity. This device is great for proximity marketing and it is very affordable.

What is Proximity Marketing?
Picture this: A customer walks by your storefront. An advertisement offering a discount immediately appears on their cellular phone. How does this happen? Bluetooth -- the same technology that powers nearly all handsfree earpieces. Among cellular subscribers, 75% use a mobile phone that already supports Bluetooth! Bluetooth proximity marketing allows you to reach out to your customers instead of waiting for them to come to you. It is widely used in restaurants, entertainment places, churches, conferences, oil companies, shopping malls, and such like.

Does InfoTek Blu invade phones?
No, it asks for permission before delivering contents. If customer answers NO to the request, the device will exlude the customer's Bluetooth ID from future requests.

What happens if the customer's bluetooth is turned off?
It really depends on your target audience. If your audience is confined in a place like in seminars, churches, events, airports, conferences, concerts, or such like, an announcement can be made for them to turn on their bluetooth in order to receive your deliverables. In areas like shopping malls, an attractive sign can be used ask interested customers to turn on their bluetooth.

What is the maximum size per file?
There are no technical limits regarding the file size, however you should ensure the Bluetooth communication is fast and easy. We advise not to exceed 200kB for pictures & music and 500kB for Java applications & movies. In every case you should minimize the file size if possible, lower file size guarantee better campaigns results.

What can I send with this device?
Bluetooth technology does not limit file formats by itself. You can send virtually every kind of file to your customers, taking care they are readable by handheld devices you address them to. The most popular contents are images (jpg,gif and png), animations, wallpapers, advertisements, music, ringtones, jingles, sounds (mp3, amr), java applications, games, and presentations.

How much is this device?
We have various models with unique specifications. Each device comes with One Year Warranty. Click here for pricing, models and specs.

How do I order this InfoTek Blu?
Decide which model to buy, make a payment in USD or Naira equivalent to our company account. We will place your order and have it shipped straight to your resident via DHL. DHL will requires someone to sign for it. Delivery takes 7 - 12days. We will also issue you a DHL tracking number so you can monitor the status of your package.

How do I become a reseller?
Study the device very well. Gain enough hands on knowledge by using the device yourself and then buy two or more at a special resell price. We will be happy to demonstrate the device should you be in the Lagos area. However, if you are not in Lagos, we will prepare a downloadable video that you can watch.

What are the Power Specifications?
All our models support input of 100V - 240V, 0.5A, 50-60Hz and output of 12V - 1.0A. The power adapter is designed for indoor use. Due to power fluctuation in some areas, we advise that you always use a good surge protector with this device. Warranty does not cover power related damages.

Got more questions?
Send email to or call (+234)-1-8920732 or (+234)-813-2878945



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